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Author: David Robinson

The perfect girl used to be only in dreams it seems,
but when I first saw you, it changed everything.
I knew right off that you were the one,
I hoped we would be together, I knew weíd have fun!
Whenever we hug, I get chills up my spine,
I think about you nonstop; all the time, 
Nothing can change what you mean to me,
youíre all that I want, all that I need, 
when I look into those beautiful brown eyes,
it makes me realize, 
you are the most gorgeous girl on earth.
I found my girl so now I can end my search.

Every night when I get down to pray,
I thank God for you baby because you brighten up my day!
Iíd give the world away just to be with you,
now that Iíve found you, thereís nothing I wouldnít do.
Iíd sacrifice it all just to be with you.
Youíve turned my life around, 
when youíre with me its impossible for me to frown.
I will cherish every moment spent in your presence,
because youíre my perfect angel God sent to me from heaven.

Now tell me that we belong together,
please tell me that I will be with you forever.
Tell me that you love me,
girl I just want you to see,
I truly love you. 
Youíre the proof that my love is alive,
Something is going on, itís mixing up my insides. 
A feeling so new, so special it seems,
my love for you sends the angels to their knees.
For the past few weeks Iíve worked on this rhyme,
Iím trying to show our love will defy time. 
Even God couldnít send enough words from above,
to really explain that youíre my one and only true love. 
Thereís millions of reasons I wish our love will never end,
but simply, you're not only my girl, youíre my best friend!
And this is why I truly love you.

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