Valentine’s Day Message


Valentine’s Day Message

Author: Joseph T. Renaldi

May the Valentine’s Day spirit fill your heart 
With love and joy on this special day. 
A time to exchange messages – a spirit of love, 
Sentimental verses sent in a poetic way.

Valentine’s Day has long been a day of romance, 
A sparkle of love glowing in the heart, 
A tribute to your love one so precious and dear, 
Where the tradition of Saint Valentine plays a part.

May Valentine’s Day be extra special to you 
With the beauty of red roses to proudly show, 
And the symbol of a heart and cupid with arrow and bow 
That will enlighten your heart with a festive glow.

May you have joy and satisfaction unending 
Bestowing to love one jewelry, candy or flowers 
To prove your sincere affection on Valentine’s Day 
With memorable, happy and unforgettable hours.

May those you love surround you 
To share and cherish this Valentine’s Day, 
May the spirit of Saint Valentine, the patron saint, 
Come into your life and forever stay.

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