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Author: Starburst

Iíve been in darkness for so long just waiting for the light,
And now that you have come my way, my days donít seem like nights.

Iím glad Iím finally overcome my fear of the other side,
Thank you for showing me the way, by taking me on this ride.

Iíve never really felt this way about a guy before,
Youíve truly touched me deep inside, youíve opened, unlocked, the door.

I know itís nothing serious, but surely itís a start,
Youíve treated me so equally, I feel it in my heart.

And even if this does not work, Iím glad Iíve had this chance,
To see how great you truly are, even just for a glance.

We never know whatíll come of this, it really just depends,
Iím glad weíre taking the first step, weíre becoming better friends.

With you I never have to guess just how you really feel,
You talk to me about the facts and tell me whatís the deal.

With you I feel so comfortable, like nothing can go wrong,
I get this tingly feeling inside, you sing to me like a song.

The fact that you are older, really did freak me out,
But you treat me like Iím your age, now Iím rid of all my doubts.

Iím trying to live in the moment, by forgetting about the past,
And so far itís been working, and itís really been a blast.

So hopefully from this day forth, Iíll know just what to do,
If ever I come across a guy, another guy like you.

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There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.

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